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Made for Me, Discover Weekly, Release Radar Playlists aren't updating with new songs

Made for Me, Discover Weekly, Release Radar Playlists aren't updating with new songs

None of my playlists are updating or populating with new songs. Release Radar and Discover Weekly haven't been updated in a month.


I listen to Spotify daily for about 10 hours a day driving for UPS and listening in offline mode all day because I drive in some spaces with questionable cell service so I download what I want to listen to and play in offline mode. Why isn't anything updating? Or should I download my playlists and not listen in offline mode?

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The personalized playlists update depending on your listening habits or patterns. As you listen to a more wide range of music like different genres, artists, playlists, or albums they update frequently. Some might update earlier than others which is not a bug but just how this works. I have found a more detailed answer to your question which is available here. From personal experience I can assure you that this is not a bug, sometimes it just takes more time to curate.

I hope that helps, let me know if you need anything else.

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I am a Spotify premium user for 5 years or so. To me, the biggest selling point was "Discover Weekly". I used to add 5-7 songs from each list of 20.
Recently however, I add 1 or 2 *at most* (which are easy guesses, just more songs of artists I already have tens of songs in my library), and majority of "fresh" content is just really really bad.
I don't think I have found all the good songs in the world. I am guessing Spotify is either trying to "promote" some bands at expense of recommendation quality, or their AI model was changed recently to an inferior one.
Or is it just mine experience?
I'll give it few more weeks, but if situation persists, I'll check the competition again.

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