Make a Copy / Duplicate of someone else's Playlist


Make a Copy / Duplicate of someone else's Playlist

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Is there a way to make a copy / duplicate someone's playlist?
I had a premium Spotify account through work.  However, I no longer work for that company.  I would like to copy / duplicate my old playlists so that I can add and remove tracks from them.  Is there any way to do this?
All of the suggestions that I have encountered are years old and do not seem to work. 

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Hi bmurf,


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If the playlists from your old account are public, it is fairly easy to copy them to playlists in your new account.


To do this from your new account on the desktop app, navigate to your old Spotify profile by searching for your old Spotify account username. Select the playlist under your old profile that you wish to duplicate, press [command + a] (on a Mac) or [control + a] (on a PC) to select all the songs (or use Edit -> "Select All" from the top left menu); and then right-click and select “Add to Playlist” -> “New Playlist”. This new playlist that you just created will have all the same tracks as the playlist from your old Spotify profile. You can repeat this process for all the public playlists that you wish to copy to your new account.


You can also read about copying playlists between accounts here.


Bear in mind that the followers from the playlists in your old Spotify account will not transfer to the copies in your new Spotify account.


Let us know if this works for you, as well as if you have any other questions.


Have a good day!

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I was able to do what you suggested by downloading an old version of the Windows app from 2017.

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Thank you for the replay but that does not work. I tried on Mac and Windows in both the web player and desktop applications.