Mobile Lyrics (iOS+Android)

Mobile Lyrics (iOS+Android)


Spotify, please please please please PLEASE add a lyrics feature to the mobile app, Apple Music has it implemented perfectly, and for a music streaming service, it just makes so much sense! Not having these newer features that Apple Music has, makes Spotify seem more old and outdated. Please give us lyrics in the mobile app so we don’t have to go and search them up everytime we want them! In terms of how to add this feature; i think that Apple Music has perfectly implemented lyrics into their app, with a button you can press to view the lyrics live, as they are sung, they will follow along as the song does which is exactly what we need. Also having the option to “view full lyrics”, taking us to a page where we can view the full lyrics, written out as text. (Apple Music lyrics feature imaged below (image attached)). 


Note: Do NOT send me off to a post with the “Idea already submitted” tag, from 4 years ago with 4 upvotes that Spotify will now never see. This is a new, 2020+ idea that the community can now vote for right now.


Thankyou Spotify and Spotify Community for allowing me to post this suggestion and please, if you do want this feature implemented, give an upvote, so that Spotify can see what we want as a community. Thanks!

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