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[Mobile][Playlists] Playlist Folders

[Mobile][Playlists] Playlist Folders

I like to craft my own playlists and sometimes I find some of them to be similar and could be grouped under an umbrella (i.e. summer playlist, genres, moods) For someone who enjoys organization (folders, lists, etc.), it’d be helpful to have the functionality to place multiple playlists under a folder so that my list of playlists doesn’t scroll forever. I would be able to locate which playlist I want to hear easily

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This feature exists on the desktop application. I would recommend finding a computer to get the application, make your folders, and then have everything sorted out for your mobile device. This is what I do; I don't actually listen to music using my desktop! 


Here's how to use the feature on your desktop application:


Just right click on your playlist list (like you're making a new playlist) and a drop down menu will have the option to create folder right under create playlist. Drag and drop playlists to add to your folder. That's it!


Now, you might run into the issue where you cannot remove a playlist after you add it to a folder without deleting the whole thing. Here are the steps to troubleshoot that:


Click the arrow next to the playlist title. The arrow will shift from pointing right to pointing down, and a list of playlists will appear under the folder name. Check out the screen shot below. 2020 is an example of an unexpanded folder. 2019 is an expanded folder with all of the playlists inside listed under the folder name. From here, you can drag and drop playlists freely in and out of folders using THE PLAYLIST TITLES ON THE LEFT.


Hope this helps!

Screenshot 2021-03-31 151931.pngScreenshot 2021-03-31 150408.png




Hello @12152769473

Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!

Just like @sophiet mentioned, it's already possible to create folders with the desktop app and they will appear on mobile as well. 


To make the order on your mobile reflect the one form your desktop:

  • go to your Library on mobile, 
  • go to the list you’d like to filter (e.g. Playlists), 
  • pull the screen down, 
  • choose Filter
  • choose Custom order


Now the order should be the same as on your desktop.

You can read more on the Sort and Filter feature in this support article


Last but not least, if you're interested in the folder feature on mobile, I'd recommend adding your +VOTE to this Idea


Have a great day! 

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