[Mobile] Create & manage Playlist Folders

It would be nice to be able to better organize playlists in folders on the mobile apps.  Or at the very least, specify which folder a playlist should go in when it is first created.  Right now, in iOS, any playlists that I create are just added to the main list, without giving the option to put them in a folder, and it is not possible to move playlists to/from folders.  I'm assuming this will be the same on Android when it is implemented.

Updated on 2017-09-07

Hey @tjb we're back to give this idea another update. We've chased up this idea with the folks behind Playlist Folders and we currently don't have a plan for letting you drop a newly created playlist into a folder once it's created on mobile. However please rest assured we've passed this feedback on to the playlist teams again and they'll continue to get updates on your comments. If there's any news on this we'll post it here first, thanks!

I'm with you on this one! I hate having to go onto my desktop to rearrange/delete playlists when the functionality could be easily implemented onto mobile devices since you can already rearrange songs within a playlist in this way. Please follow this up spotify :-)

Dito this... its annoying to load the mobile app up only to see ALL the playlists there :(

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Agreed.  It's awful.


I agree totally. Not being able to rearrange my playlists and not being able to edit the play queue properly is the two things that stops the iPhone app from being excellent.

It is frustrating. What I can suggest is until Spotify fixes this is to create a playlist folder (when you're using the desktop app) called 'To Be Filed' then put your playlists in here when you're on mobile and then when you get back to your desktop create the appropriate folder for the playlist. Hope this helps.

Please do somethin' about it. It's annoying!

Please, insert in iPhone app the same activity for managing playlists folders of windows app!!!

I use (and pay premium) spotify only with iphone.

Thanks, my id is

This needs to happen!

Nothing more annoying when you can't sort your wide selection of playlists on the go. 


I agree that it would be awesome to be able to rearrange my playlists on the fly in the mobile app.  I hate to use iTu... on my iPhone, but I have much more control of my music using this app. I would like to be able to change the order of music just like on the desktop, but on the mobile app. I spend a lot of time in my car (commuting to work & back) and I get frustrated that I can only delete and add music to playlists, but no edit functionality.


Please update this......:-)


Couldn't agree more.  Especially as many of us (myself included) have ditched desktop/laptops in favor of phone, tablet, chromebook, leaving us with no interface that allows playlist organization.