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Multiple Copies of Same Album

Multiple Copies of Same Album






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Some of my 'Liked' songs were not appearing as 'Liked' when I would go to the Artist's page. For some reason a song I had 'Liked' in a playlist was not appearing in the list of 'Liked Songs' when I would go to that Artist's page. 

After further investigation, I realized those songs were apparently going to a link to an album which was different than the copy of the album which was being used to measure in that 'Liked Songs' list. 

Example : 
Perfume Genius - "On The Floor" 

I 'Liked' that song - and it was showing up in this album :

However, it was not being shown when I would go to that artist's page. This is the album which is being used to register in the 'Liked Songs' list :

When I would 'Like' the song in that album it would show up in the 'Liked Songs' list on that artist's page.

Why are there two copies of the same album ? They are not different in any way. It's not like one copy is a 'Remastered' or 'Deluxe' copy etc. 

This is not the only example. I can provide many examples of this. It makes me think that Spotify may make a 'copy' of an album when the album is used on multiple devices...? (iPhone and desktop) It doesn't make sense. 

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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There's nothing to fix. It's working as intended according to Spotify. From time to time the albums get re-uploaded or something which means that the URI of that album changes so the album's URI in your library is different than the one shown on the artist page.

The album at the original URI should update the "Liked Songs" list on the Artist's page.  That's the fix which is needed.

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