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My downloaded musics are deleting when I restart the device

My downloaded musics are deleting when I restart the device

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  1. Galaxy s20


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Android 11


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Hi, I have a problem that downloaded musics are deleting. When I restart the phone, then Spotify redownload every musics. It makes me so annoying.... I almost have 4000+ download music. So when redownload the music takes long time. 

I already did reinstall the Spotify app, and check app's storage authority. But It didn't work. Let me know any solutions. Thanks!


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So I found out what to do. If you have an Android device that is! You need to enable developer options first thing in settings of your Android. If you have any questions on this, just YouTube it or Google it. You have to like go into your phone settings and about phone and build number and tap on it five times I believe is the process. At this point you now have an extra option within the settings of your phone call developer options. I believe it's all the way to the bottom. You click on that, and there's a whole lot of information but there's only one thing you are looking for. One option which says, "force allow apps on external". I will enclose a screenshot of this option. After that, you have to uninstall Spotify and reinstall Spotify and then you go into app options in your settings and you can move the app to your SD card.  I will include screenshots of kind of where to find this as it's kind of tough to spot at first at least it was for me lol. The big thing is, you don't necessarily have to reinstall the app, but, once you move it to your external SD card you're going to lose your downloads it's just the way it is. So redownload everything again no matter what you do, I am a fan of just uninstalling the app because it will delete all the information that it had with your SD card and just starting fresh you know? And once you get it moved to the SD card, then you download everything. After this, every time you reboot your phone, look at your Spotify app on your wallpaper. You will flat out see, just how long it takes for that app to load up on the SD card and you will see why this is an issue! Or why it was the issue before because it will finally show itself on your phone screen quite a bit later after the phone restarts. But you will no longer have any troubles again my friend!!  Wish you well and have a great day!!

@amk_ Genius idea. Didnt even know of that option. It actually works!! Really did not want to be on vacation, my phone dies, then I have no music...what a joke.


Get your act together Spotify... All you need to do is add a simple retry in your code to find the sd card when its not ready, and/or don't change the settings without the user explicitly setting it back to internal storage... Whatever service is spiining up as the phone boots is at fault.


The facts are our app caches are 100% FINE. The app has a bug and youre refusing to look into it. This is why I never invest in Spotify. You never ever listen to your users and their valid complaints and bugs that they bring up.

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