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Dear Spotify!

I noticed that you don't have Myslovitz albums: "Miłość w czasach popkultury" and "Korova Milky Bar" in your collection (and not only those missing), will these albums ever be available? I look forward to adding them.




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Hi there @ciezkiezycie,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


At first, i would like to mention that in order to these type of posts to get the right attention and relevant response, they should be posted in the "Content Questions" section of the community.


If you're unsure of the correct place of your posts, you can read more about it in the community guidelines here.


Regarding your question, as a first indication i would recommend asking a friend using Spotify in the same country to search this content and let you know if it's available for them.

If it isn't, please make sure to read all about missing content here.


I can also offer the "Local Files" feature as an alternative to the missing content you wish to have on your app.

You can learn all about the feature on this support page.


Hope this shed some light.

Let me know if you need further help 🙂

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