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[PC/Update] Cant remove songs from my Release Radar

[PC/Update] Cant remove songs from my Release Radar

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Windows 10


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Since the version from the newest update I have problems removing songs/artists from my weekly Release Radar. Normally there was a button (-) that will remove it, but after the update it is gone. On my phone everything is fine and still there but not at my PC. Is there a new way to remove songs or is it gone?

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Hi there @Mogri,


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Currently the feature to hide songs from the Release Radar is not available on the Desktop app. You can head over to the New Desktop Experience Feedback tread and add your comments on what you like and what you'd like improved on the new Desktop client. Our developers are looking for user feedback so that they can make the app better and easier to use in future updates.


Hope this info is helpful. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have more questions.


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What is the benefit of a change like this?  Please, clue me in.

In your Release Radar you get 30 Songs. Around 10 of them are not my type so I like to remove them. To the rest I listen for a week. On the last day I heard every song ~20 Times so I can decide what I like to add to my playlist. The rest is casted away in to the void. Now I have to do a new playlist every week and pick songs that are my type(20 songs), because I cant remove them.
I hope you can understand this 🙂

? Surely this was the only way to adjust the algorithm so that it more closely mirrored your tastes?  Removing it would just be bizarre


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