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I am trying to play music in my "liked songs" aplhabetically on my laptop. I have some duplicates of songs and I also have many different versions of the same song (live versions, remixes etc.) so this helps me to occasionally weed out music I don't need. 


This has not been a problem in the past as I just go to "liked songs," sort by song title alphabetically and play a song and it just plays alphabetically. Today it is not working correctly, it is shuffling songs in no particular order even though shuffle is very clearly not active. I also went through all my setting and advanced setting and turned off anything that might cause it to shuffle and it is still not working corectly. Not sure what changed since the last time I used my laptop but please help! 

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I listen to Spotify the same way as you, and the exact same problem is happening to me. This probably happened in the last update. Spotify, please revert this, it was working as it should.

Same thing happening to me, it's only doing this on the desktop version for me ( It's almost like it's playing the songs in the order they were added to my liked songs. VERY, VERY annoying! I tried reinstalling the windows 10 version (from the store), and I installed the standalone windows 10 version, but nothing fixed it. It's definitely a problem they need to fix (and hopefully fast), this is the primary way I listen to music.


EDIT: It seems to only being doing this when sorting from A-Z, and not Z-A (by title at least)


EDIT 2: ignore the last edit, it just skipped like 40 songs when sorted Z-A 😞

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