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Playlist being deleted almost every day

Playlist being deleted almost every day








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My Question or Issue

My playlist is being deleted almost every day. I'm receiving daily emails from Spotify with the subject "Takedown Notification", saying "We have found the following content to be in violation of our content policies, and we have removed it. Please see our Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use for more information."


I already tried to contact the support via chat but he said that there's nothing that he can help me and there's something wrong with the playlist. But he didn't tell me why. I personally think that is a mistake because the playlist doesn't have a description or custom photo.


The playlist:


It's very sad because i listen everyday to this playlist and there's almost 400 people following the playlist, that i've been keeping since 2019.


I already saw somewhere that this could happen if any "rival" playlist owner reports my playlist, but not sure if that's true.


Note: The playlist isn't been really deleted. I'm able to recover the playlist if i rename it. When i receive the takedown notification, the name of the playlist is gone and on the desktop client i can't find her on the left panel, but if i go to my profile the playlist is there, but without name.

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Hi there @sXeGG,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


We have passed along your info to the relevant team. They will be in touch if there are any further steps to be taken. If anything else can be done our customer support team will contact you via email.


Hope this helps.

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Sorry but no... the playlist is still being removed almost every day... i really need some help on this, don't wanna lose this playlist.

YES!! What the absolute **bleep**?? My problem is songs keep "disappearing" off my playlists. And then you never really know which ones you lost. Just this morning I spent about three hours making this Punk Roots (1940's to present) playlist and **bleep** if the first 10 or so songs have already gone bye bye.  Nice to know I can get real time support from Spotify. Sorry you are having trouble with these assholes. It seems no matter what we do we are in violation of somebody's rules. God, I want those **bleep**ing songs back. 

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