Playlist not getting allowed to be sorted


Playlist not getting allowed to be sorted


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My playlist is not getting allowed to be sorted at all but on my phone the same playlist is already sorted but on the computer it is not


Screenshot 2020-03-15 at 9.37.36 PM.png
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Casual Listener

My desktop application seems to have been updated, and it now looks like the screenshot you posted.


I too can no long sort my playlists.


I don't want the song I first added to my Starred playlist over 5 years ago to be at the top of my playlist.


HALP !! pls 

Casual Listener

If anyone else is having this issue, I spoke with customer support and it is part of an update to make the UI more streamlined with their web browser.


It's very upsetting to me they would have these functionalities stripped from the desktop app. They were... pretty basic functions. 




I think you can only sort playlists in the mobile and desktop apps but not in web player. Also sorting it on one platform using the sorting options in the filter section or clicking on the column header doesn’t sort it on another platform.

if you set the sort order to default/custom and manually sort the whole playlist then this method syncs over to the web player as well.