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Playlist order is not working, premium, random deactivated.

Playlist order is not working, premium, random deactivated.

Does not play the songs in order despite being premium and the random function is off. the next song always is random ando even is not part of the playlist. It happens in all plataforms with my account.
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This could be happening due to a number of factors. Please check the following:

  • Make sure your Play Queue is cleared before playing music. You can clear it by clicking the Queue button > Clear queue. This option should be available on Desktop and Mobile.
  • Make sure that Enhance is switched off. This button will appear on top of your playlist. If it's turned on (green) it will automatically add similar songs to your playlist.
  • Make sure Shuffle is turned off.

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I’m having an issue that may be related. I’ve had a similar experience to this user where it seems like radio playlists will skip around the track order or repeat tracks randomly even if shuffle is turned off. Looking more closely, Spotify is actually dynamically changing the contents and order of the radio playlist as it plays. So, if you look at the playlist while track one plays, by the time track three plays, the playlist lists the track order completely differently. It’s pretty frustrating because it results in tracks being reordered such that they often play twice within a short period of time. I only notice this happening in my iOS app and not on the desktop app. Definitely seems like a bug. 

Thanks, i did that but the problem continues, but it was a bug, i raise a ticket and support told me that there was happening an update that may cause this. I close the session in all platafomr and opened again and it solves the issue.


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