Playlist songs keep repeating when playing on random

Playlist songs keep repeating when playing on random


Plan: Premium

Country: Canada



(iPhone 11, Macbook Pro)

Operating System

(macOS Catalina version 10.15.5)


I created a playlist that currently has 200 songs. On random play I keep hearing the same songs over and over. It seems like only 20 or 30 songs are actually playing. Is there a setting or something that I'm missing? Are there too many songs in my playlist? I would appreciate any help or guidance here!! Thanks!

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Hey there @Brad09


Thanks for reaching out to us about this - we'll be glad to help you out here.

Just to confirm, have you tried clean reinstalling the Spotify app on both your Apple devices? We recommend this step as it's more thorough compared to the simple reinstall, letting you start afresh with Spotify on your device.


Here you can find the steps on how to perform a clean reinstall depending on the affected device you're using. 


If it doesn’t do the trick, we’ll provide you with further help. 

Keep us posted. 

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