Playlist vs Play Queue Issue

Playlist vs Play Queue Issue





United States


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Operating System

Android 12


The current behavior:

My play queue seems to be glitched with both Shuffle and regular play. It doesn't play the entire playlist before repeating (if repeat is on) or stopping play completely (if repeat is off)


When I go to a playlist and begin playing it shuffled (either by using the Shuffle Playlist button on the playlist or by choosing a song, then hitting the Shuffle button) some songs from the playlist populate into a queue. This queue is only a hundred or so songs long regardless of how long the playlist actually is. The songs on this queue are the only songs from the playlist that will play. If I want other songs from the playlist, I have to restart the shuffle. But that makes mostly the same songs repopulate into the queue. There are playlists of a few hundred songs I have that I almost never hear 100 or more songs from because of this.


So, I tried listening without shuffle: and the behavior is almost the same. It will add some of the playlist to the queue, but at some point, it just stops loading the next "chunk" of the playlist and will go back to the beginning (if I have Repeat on) or just stop playing (if I have repeat off) before it plays any of the songs in the bottom of the playlist.


My Question:


Firstly, is there a "limit" to the play queue? Is there a time you can have a playlist so long that the queue up and doesn't play the whole thing? If so, what is that number?


If the limit is the same as the playlist limit, then how can I make it play the entire playlist? I listen to music all day at work and my playlists are about 6-8 hrs long on average, but with the glitched Shuffle/Repeat/Play behavior I am hearing the same songs on about a 1-2 hr loop, which I don't want.


If I play it without shuffle, but with repeat on, it will also skip the bottom half of the playlists and restart without playing the entire list.


If I have shuffle and repeat off, it will just stop pay even if there are many more songs on the list (it acts as though the list is done before it actually is).


Steps I took to resolve:


I tried listening with shuffle off: Still skips songs

I tried starting with the song halfway down the list, no shuffle: Skips songs in 1st part of playlist

I tried restarting my phone: No change

I tried clearing the cache: No change

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app: No change


Please help! I wanna hear all my songs. Thanks!


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Hey there @LycorisSeig,

Thank you for sharing this issue with the Community and great troubleshooting so far!

There shouldn't be a limit to the queued songs and such errors mainly occur when there is an issue with your cache data on Spotify's end and as such, deleting it locally won't solve this.
However, this can easily be fixed by our support team.
You can find them here 🙂


If you have any other questions, we'd be happy to help out.


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