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Playlists gone !






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Went on my app this morning. All good. Went on half an hour ago and only one of my playlists remain, the name that is. All of the songs on it have been changed to Spanish songs I have never heard of. All the other playlists have been changed completely or replaced. I am livid. Those playlists have been years in the making. Fair play if the service was free but it's not. Anyone had this or know anyway to retrieve anything??? Gutted 

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I have changed my password and signed out everywhere just incase. I cant see it being hacked though as I never share my passwords with anyone or anything. And it's not an easy one to guess. Also no one could have made that many playlists in the time from when I last went on the app. And yes I have tried singing in and back out.

  • No one got any ideas ???

Hey there @Conorg99,


Sorry to hear your playlists have been changed and there are songs missing.


Use this article to secure your account and reach out to support so the songs in your playlists can be restored. 


Keep us posted!

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