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Podcast Image

I own the 'Women in AI' podcast and am trying to update the profile image for it. I have updated it on our file domain manager for our website which it pulls from (did this last week), but it hasn't update. iTunes image updated so the upload was fine, but hasn't pulled from Spotify?


How can I get the image for my podcast updated?


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Hi there @REWORK

thanks for reaching out !


I'm sure that it will present the desired picture in no time.


However, feel free to send me the original picture you added and a link to your Podcast so i can check it on my account.


Keep me posted 🙂

Hi there, 


It still hasnt updated. I was told that it had been updated our side but not yet on Spotify - I have attached the image. Would you be able to take a look for me?


I have replied below

Is there any update on this?


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