Prevent playlist from influencing daily listening

Prevent playlist from influencing daily listening






Samsung Galaxy 9

Operating System

Android 10


My Question or Issue

I have a playlist for sleep that I want to prevent from influencing on my daily listening. Now all my daylies are filled with new age and crickets. C'mon! 


I play the playlist from Sonos as a nightly "alarm". I even removed the playlist from Spotify and put it in Sonos, but it doesn't change anything, and the daily algorithm is still picking it up since Spotify is my music provider in Sonos.


Help me! New age is killing me! Then come all the crickets! 

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Hey there,

I have never tested if this works, but I think what you need is the private listening feature. To find out how to start a private session, check out this page.

Let me know if it worked and have a great day.

If it did work, I'd appreciate if you pressed "Accept as solution".

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