Radio will only play the same five songs first?

Radio will only play the same five songs first?

I've seen a LOT of posts now spanning several years about the Radio function now being basically useless for finding new music - I've had the same complaint for a while now, but feel like it's reached new heights. My Radio function, no matter what playlist or what genre I listen to, defaults to the SAME FIVE SONGS, every single time, and then jumps to a completely different genre that has nothing to do with what I was listening to. On top of playing the same five songs, the algorithm has seemingly completely made up a profile for me based on songs and artists I've NEVER liked or listened to. For example: it keeps insisting that I love Taylor Swift, specifically her old country albums, and keeps putting them on all my specialized playlists and even on the "Only You" feature that just rolled out (again, have NEVER listened to these albums, and never listen to pop country.) This also happens across all my platforms, including phone, computer and iPad, all of which are up to date.

Spotify, we have been begging you to fix the radio for SO long. I know the mods can only do so much but at the very least, please do not give me the canned response about needing to diversify my music and add more songs; I've had Spotify for almost a decade, I have thousands of songs saved, playlists across every genre under the sun, and I listen to all of them frequently. There is no reason for the same five songs to play every time, and definitely no reason for inserting songs and albums into my profile and insisting that I've shown interest in them before when I never have. And we know about the live ideas thing, we've already started one for this which appears to be going nowhere. Please just give us an authentic response. This is incredibly frustrating.

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Hey @awkoct,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Sorry to hear that you're having such an experience with the app and the Radio function.


As you've most likely seen in other threads, Spotify recommends songs based on your listening habits and what is most popular with other users who tend to listen to the same music as you.


For some users, who have a more specific music taste, the selection of songs which can get recommended is more limited, hence the loop of same songs. This is why we advice users to generally listen to music through the Search bar if they're facing this issue.


The best workaround would be to create a new account and transfer your Library over, following these steps. This way you'll have all your Playlists etc. and the recommendation algorithm will get calculated anew.


Hope this info helps. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.

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