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Recommended songs always the same

Recommended songs always the same







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The recommended songs based on the respective playlist are always the same! My playlist includes about 100 songs, so it should be easy for an algorithm to supply me with NEW song recommendations.

Pressing the "reload" button just seems to toggle the recommendations between two pre-defined lists "hidden" in the background - pushing it more often doesn't have an affect. Sometimes the songs are arranged in a different way, but they seem to be 90% the same songs. Furthermore there are many recommended songs that are always in my other playlists --> I already know them and haven't put these songs in this respective playlist for a reason!

Improvment proposal:
- The recommended songs do NOT include songs that are already included in other playlists (at least there should be an option in settings to deactive this behaviour)
- A song that was displayed as recommended song does at earliest appear again after pressing the "reload" button ten times or more --> more recommended songs because of less repetitions
- If autoplay is activated in settings, there should be an option that prevents spotify from playing the songs contained in this playlist or the users other playlists --> this way you are provided with new songs all the time

At the moment it is very hard for me to experience new music with these recommendations!
Remarkable: there were times when all of this worked much better!

Thank you!

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Bro I 100% agree with you. I listen to different genres of music depending on the weeks and my mood. And I always seem to get old songs I removed after getting tired of them in my « recommended songs » at the bottom. They’re even songs that I liked so I can see that they have the green heart on them. I wish to keep them liked so my « liked songs » Spotify made playlist has like an album of my entire music discography. It wouldn’t be so hard to only show songs that have never been listened too, liked, put in a playlist etc.


Same goes for the Spotify playlist « made for you ». Would be nice to have a « you should try this » playlist with songs you have never heard before on the account you’re using. 

I'm having this issue with Recommended songs in so many of my playlists that always stay the same even the so many of the songs are different. I'm not getting new discoveries ? Any ideas



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