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Recommended songs for playlist are broken


Recommended songs for playlist are broken

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PC, Xiaomi Redmi 7

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Windows 10, Android


My Question or Issue

The recommended songs feature, at the bottom of a playlist, is broken for me. I dont have in my playlist any czech songs, but still 90% of recommended songs are czech (idk if it helps but its also country i live in).

I have this on both PC and android, so any reinstaling of app didnt help me.

i also tried to make a new playlist and move my songs there, with no luck, and feature is broken on that playlist too.


How can I fix this?

Than you for your help.


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Re: Recommended songs for playlist are broken


Hey @Frantasad,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting your question here!


Just to double-check since you mentioned you already tried reinstalling the app to solve the issue, did you also try a 'clean' (as opposed to a 'simple') reinstall? 


Check this Spotify Answer to find out how that works. It's more effective than simply reinstalling the app.


It'd also be helpful if you tried to log into your device with a different account and then create a playlist with the same songs you mentioned (the songs your playlist is composed of).


That will help us double check if it's an account related issue.


We'll be keeping an eye on your reply 🙂

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