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Reinstate “Last Updated” on playlists

Reinstate “Last Updated” on playlists

As from version 8.5.46 on IOS, you can no longer swipe left to find out when a playlist was last updated.


Can this feature be reinstated? It’s a really quick and useful way to check large playlists and when they were last updated.


I also need this back since it makes it so much easier to know when you can expect new music from a playlist again and to find out if a playlist gets updated regularly when you’re looking for a new playlist. I don‘t care where you put it (behind the three dots, at the bottom, wherever), just bring it back, please! 🙏 


this request has been posted before in the ideas section but has gotten closed there after more than one year and attracting more than 280 upvotes (I consider the closing rude!):

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Hey @jonathanherdt,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


You can share your feedback on the functionality of the UI on mobile here.


Regarding the idea - Ideas need to gain a certain amount of votes in a period of time to be considered by the development team. Usually an Idea needs to get at least 500 votes for it to be reviewed and implemented.


Hope you find this info helpful.

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Hey Alex, thanks for replying! The problem is that people were sent to this part of the forum to ask about the reinstating of this feature. The idea I linked was closed because „reinstating“ does not count as an idea.

Hey there @jonathanherdt


Thanks for getting back to us. 


In this case, we'd recommend posting the idea again here suggesting to add this feature to the iOS app instead of asking it to be back as we won't accept any requests for complete roll-backs. 


You can check our Idea Exchange guidelines here


If you need help with anything else, just let us know. 

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