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Spotify should reimplement the feature to swipe right to queue a song/swipe left to save a song!!!! Why is it only available on playlists and not in the Liked Songs playlist??? There’s no reason for the feature to not be available for use throughout the entire app. 


It is much more convenient to be able to swipe to add a song to the queue. It’s too much of a hassle to open the song options and press “add to queue.” This completely ruins my listening experience 

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Hi there @prvblematic,


We've moved your post to the Help boards.


Can you let us know what device you're using (model, OS version and Spotify version)? We tried this on the mobile app, but we were able to queue songs with swipe right in Liked Songs. We'll do our best to check what's happening and why you're unable to use this feature. 


Swiping left to save a song won't work, as you're already in the Liked Songs playlist. You can still click and hold down on a song to open the options menu for the song.



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I cannot add songs from liked songs in the queue by sliding. I have to click on the 3 dots to do it.

Up! I have the same issue on iPhone 11 (iOS 16)

Hey there folks,


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community. We hope you don't mind us moving your post out of the Chat section to one of our Help boards as it fits better here.


Based on what you're describing, we can assume that you have the newest Smart Shuffle feature turned on on your Liked songs playlist and that might be the reason why you can't swipe to add to queue.


We'd suggest that you turn it off and check if you'll be able to queue your songs. You can turn Smart Shuffle on or off whenever you want by tapping through the Shuffle button at the top of your playlist or on the Now Playing View. It'll become gray when you turn it off. Below are two screenshots with Smart shuffle off and on just to illustrate how it should look like.

Smart Shuffle OFF


Smart shuffle ON      



You can find more info about the Smart Shuffle in this article. If you have any input about this new feature - you're welcome to share it in this thread as your feedback is important to us!

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further questions 🙂

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Ah yes! That is indeed the case, turning off smart shuffle allows me again to add songs on queue by sliding on the likes songs playlist.


Still, I think the user should be able to add songs on queue by sliding aim any case, even with smart shuffle activated.


Personally, I use smart shuffle the same way I would use a “Playlist Radio”, to get songs on queue that may not otherwise be in my likes tracks. I don’t see however why a user should not also desire to put a specific song on queue at any given time


Also because this happens even if I am not listening to smart shuffle in the first place, and I might want to add a new song in queue from my likes tracks while listening to something else


thanks for the prompt response!

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