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Songs automatically are put back at the beginning on the playlist

Songs automatically are put back at the beginning on the playlist








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Windows 10


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To make this easier: I have playlist X (main) and Y

I created playlist Y from some songs that I have on playlist X and played playlist Y on shuffle

Today after I launched spotify I noticed after clicking on playlist X that the songs that I have been listening to on playlist Y (which as i mentioned, were taken from playlist X) have been put back at the beginning of playlist X, and I had to rearrange them again back to where they were originally (this happened once before)

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Hey @deadsky313,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


It'd be great for you to read this support site article and follow the relevant steps listed in it to see if Spotify works properly as a result.


If following the steps in the article doesn't do the trick, it'd be good to perform a clean reinstall and start with a brand-new as well as the latest version of the app. Take a look at this Spotify answer to find out how this procedure works for your Windows 10.


If what you reported isn't fixed after these attempts, would you mind sharing a screen video of what happens? It'll help us look into it in greater detail.


Hope you'll find this info useful. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with!

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After a clean reinstall it still happens. Pic 1 shows my main playlist, pic 2 shows songs that are on both playlist 1 and 2. After i play the second playlist on shuffle, all the tracks that i've played on it are put on the beginning of playlist 1.


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