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Songs disappearing from playlist

Songs disappearing from playlist


Premium User

Country: Sweden



(iphone 13 Pro Max, Macbook Pro 16)

Operating System ios 15.6 for iphone and macOS Monterey 12.5 fo Mac

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue


so i've noticed that songs disappears from my library from time to time and this been going on for years!


for example i added the song A Well Respected Man by The Kinks in March and a month later it stopped playing (shuffle) and today i somehow remembered  this song existed and thought it was weird it haven't played in ages so i checked it out and it was gone from my playlist like it's still playable but it just disappeared from my playlist!


songs on my playlist that's unplayable becomes greyed out but stays on my playlist so that the song is unavailable is not the problem just to clarify.


i'm eager to know what the problem is so could someone check it out or try help me fix this cuz this been happening in the past and luckily iv'e noticed what songs it is so i can add them back  

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Hey @Joshler99,


Thanks for posting in the Community!

The greyed-out songs signal that they may not be available in your country at the current moment.

This could be so due to a multitude of reasons, but it mostly happens due to licensing changes. 

We'd recommend reading this article for more info.


Hopefully Spotify will have your missing songs available again soon, so we'd recommend staying on the lookout 🙂
We're here for you if any further questions arise.

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i think you're missunderstanding!


some songs that are in my playlist disappears from my playlist and first i thought it could be that they become unavailable but that's not the case cuz when a song becomes unavailable it stays on my playlist but becomes greyed out so it's something else that makes them disappear from my playlist!

Hey there @Joshler99,


Thanks for the post.


What you're describing might happen when a song/ album is removed from Spotify due to licensing reasons. With some content like that, issues are resolved really quickly and the content gets re-uploaded on Spotify eventually. 


The thing is that sometimes songs/ albums get uploaded with different metadata, so the artist+title might be the same, but since the metadata is different the app treats the tracks as different ones. Our developers are working on a way for the app to automatically re-add such songs to user playlists, but that's not always possible.


If this is happening very often to you though, you might want to go through this support article in order to secure your account and assure that you're logged in only on devices you use. It sometimes happens that we forget our account logged in the device of a friend, and they might add/ remove content from your library.


Hope this info helps.

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