Sort for public playlists


Sort for public playlists


I know it is possible to sort your playlist for yourself, but how do you sort it for the public accessing your playlists? My own view of my playlist has new songs at the top but other users see oldest songs first.


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Hey hey @mjgearing!


Thanks for the question. We'll be happy to explain a bit more about this.


The sorting and filtering features are set by the individual users and can't be preset for from the creator of the list. You can take a look here for more info.


On desktop you can move the songs in your playlist and rearrange them as you like and that order will show for others, but it's not possible keep your sorting settings.


Hope this info helps. Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you.


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I would really like to have the ability to sort my playlists by ''date added''. It's really so important, especially for people with public playlists who want the viewers to see the new songs first. Really really really 

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I always rearrange the playlists myself, because I want my favorite ones on the top for my friends to listend. That is very easy to do with the computer as u can select multple songs at a time and move them togeter (even into another playlist). But if you really want your way of sorting the list to be public it is possible to have a second list and copy the tracks (the way you sorted them) into your public list.

But it's true that a function "set as public sorting" is missing.
Today it's only possible using copy and paste with the computer...

When sharing a playlist with my other band mates we often need to decide the order of a playlist.
Also split the playlist into sets within the playlist (graphically) (not two playlists)