Specific songs not playing


Specific songs not playing

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I've been using spotify for years & have encountered an issue that kinda baffles me. 

Some songs simply do not play on my account. 

To be more specific, I've tried playing a song by Angèle. Only the ones that feature another artist as well do play, none of hers. 


When I click the play button on one of her songs, nothing happens. The play button doesn't change. The previous song goes silent. 

What makes this even crazier, is that it's not a device issue. I've got the same issue on spotify web, spotify on windows 10, and spotify on android. I also can't cast the song to my google home or whatever. 


It's been like this for like half a year. No idea what's up. Still the only artist for which I've noticed this. 


What's happening?



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Hey, @jonathan582 
Welcome to Spotify Community and thanks for reaching out here!

Could you give me more pieces of information about the issue you're experiencing, please? It would be very useful if you could share a screenshot of what happens when you try to play the song you mentioned too. 


Keep me posted!


Kind regards,


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Thanks for replying!


I've attached a file that shows the problem. 

Also, I noticed that I posted this from an old account, I'm actually on an account named <snip - Moderator edit>, (was linked to facebook before, unliked it and this was my new ID). 


<snip - Moderator edit>





Hey there @jonathan582,


Thanks for your reply and the video.


Make sure to avoid posting any private info in the Community, such as your username or email address.


Can you let us know if this issue persists when using a different connection, like mobile data or another WiFi network? If you're using a VPN, try disabling it as it may interfere with the app's performance.


If this persists, could you log in to a different account, like a friend's or relative's, on your devices to see if you can replicate the issue? This would help us determine if this is rather account-related.


Keep us posted. We'll be on the lookout.

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