Spotify Losing Creativity in favor of Paid Promotion

Spotify Losing Creativity in favor of Paid Promotion






My Issue

My Discover Weekly playlist fills itself with the most ghetto of hip-hop and rap music and I do not listen to anything similar and haven't for quite a long time.


I actually consider it to be a damaging collective of music, as I'd never show my kids to listen to music about scamming, robbing, breaking and entering, and killing.


I've experienced how Discover Weekly used to work, having been with Spotify for so many years, and it used to be the most creative and responsive playlist available.

Unfortunately, it seems that Spotify is abandoning its algorithmic creativity for paid promotion, as I've not received a relevant Discover Weekly in months.


Can Spotify confirm that they have abandoned the music-loving culture for greed, so that I can stop caring and unsubscribe?


Please, don't turn into YouTube with the pedophile enablement and big-tech brainwash.


Keep Spotify lovable.


Thank you in advance.

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