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Spotify Takes Listening With Friends to Another Level with Jam

Spotify Takes Listening With Friends to Another Level with Jam

Spotify is introducing a more fun, intuitive, and collaborative social listening experience with Jam. Whether you’re together or apart, joining a Jam with your loved ones is now simpler than ever by tapping phones, scanning a QR code, or sharing a link. Premium users can start or join a Jam, and anyone on Spotify - Free and Premium users - can join and add songs to the Jam.

With Jam, we're now taking a step forward with our social features by offering you a unique, new experience to listen together with friends.

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Here's how to listen together, in real-time, using Jam

  • Premium listeners everywhere can start a Jam right away on any non-private playlist or track, through the three-dot menu or from the speaker icon.

  • You can join a Jam by tapping phones together if you're logged in on Spotify and your Bluetooth is turned on.


  • Get personalized music suggestions bringing together you and your friends’ music tastes and add those crowd-pleasing songs to the Jam.


  • Everyone in the Jam can play, pause, skip, change the volume, and add songs. 


  • As the host you can turn off “Guest controls” so only you can change the volume and what’s playing. When all “Guest controls” are turned off, guests can only queue.


  • Anyone invited can add songs to the queue and see who added which song.

  • Joining via share link allows you to select the output device (Premium-only) and listen remotely.


How to use Spotify Jam?

  • Ready for a party? Start a Jam straight in your playlist by accessing its menu in the three-dot, or on the speaker icon (Premium-only).


  • Don't miss out on the fun  - Whether you are a Free or Premium user, you can join a Jam with your friends using a link, QR Code, playing on the same speaker, or tapping phones. 


  • Have no idea which song to add to the queue? Get fresh music suggestions bringing together the music taste of everyone in the Jam.


How to start a Jam?

Premium users can start a Jam by accessing the playlist context menu, device picker, or connecting to a speaker. Users on the same WiFi will receive an invite to join your Jam once you open the Spotify app. You can disable this in the Device Picker. 


Which type of speakers are compatible? 
Any Bluetooth, AirPlay, or WiFi speakers such as Sonos, Bose, Google, or Amazon.


Can Free users start and share a Jam?

In order to start and share a Jam, an active Premium subscription is required.


Can I start a Jam in any playlist? 

Yes, however, you can start a Jam only on public playlists such as RapCaviar, Hot Country, Today's Top Hits, or your own playlists.


How to join a Jam?

Free & Premium users can join a Jam in person by playing on the same speaker as their friends, link, QR Code, or tapping phones (enable Bluetooth Permissions in App settings and turn Bluetooth on for this to work). Premium users can also join a Jam remotely by link.

I have an active Premium subscription and joined a Jam remotely, can I use my own device to listen to music?

Yes. If you join via link, you will get the option to either join on the host device or your own device.


How does this affect Group Sessions and Remote Group Sessions?

Jam combines the group session experiences you might have used in the Spotify app. You can use Jam to listen together, no matter if you are listening together or apart.


Which platforms is Spotify Jam supported?

Spotify Jam is available on iOS & Android.

To use Spotify Jam, what is the minimum version of Spotify required?

Spotify version 8.8.68+ 

Jam is now available globally for both Free and Premium users around the world. We hope that you enjoy this new immersive and enjoyable experience of listening together. 


Do you have questions? Please, comment here. We are all ears for your feedback in this thread!

MateusMSpotify Star
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Worst annoying **bleep**. Turns itself on and invites other without asking

another "feature" with annoying notifications that cannot be turned off. It is very annoying on a business network or in a hotel. This is not a feature it's annoyance bought to you by people who don't think thru their "bright" ideas.

This doesn't work. I came here to submit a bug report, maybe get some closure, make things better. But no, I can't. I can't even make a new topic. I can make a random post and hope it gets picked up.


Nothing here works consistently. I see the guide to submit a bug report ( - search the ongoing issues board and make a reply! But your search for "this board only" doesn't actually do that - it searches all boards. And, I can't find a list of devices or categories - just POPULAR and HOT (and of course I can see MORE of each.) Its very information poor. It's very frustrating.


Anyway, that's not why I came here. I came here to complain about Jam just - not working as expected. I have a "jam" I started on my iphone 8, its playing to my tv (samsung) and blasting out the speakers. I am also editing the queue from my laptop (webapp because the PC desktop app randomly eats all my ram). My beautiful gf is in the jam, adding songs. Or, trying to.


First issue, songs are showing up that neither of us added. We don't know where this is coming from. "Did you add this? No. Did you?" etc. Skip the song, nbd

Second issue, I dared to pause for a minute. Now, if I click play - on ANY DEVICE - its silent. It plays nothing. No sound. But, the song timer keeps scrolling at the bottom. It'll tick over to another song. On my iphone, it claims to be playing on the webapp. On the webapp, it claims to be playing on my iphone.

Third, just as I was typing this up, the spotify app on my TV killed itself.

Fourth, once I try to submit this I get an "UNEXPECTED ERROR: VERIFICATION FAILED" And nothing more. Everything you make, breaks. The site breaks, the apps break. It didn't use to break but it does now!!!


So, that's my bug report. Webapp is running in firefox 121 on windows 10, all up to date. I expect nothing good to happen but I have to try.

Please can someone make it clear to Spotify. The jam feature is a steaming pile**bleep**. I was trying to listen to a song and follow the lyrics, and in one verse I got invited to someone's jam literally every 3 seconds. I said not now, and it popped up again. When are they going to figure this out? No one wants to be invited to the jam of somebody they've never heard of. wth is wrong with Spotify this is gone on for years

Spotify's "Jam" feature is okay, for what it is.

But for those of us that go way back to early (open architecture / multitude of 3rd party app plug-ins/extensions era), will we EVER see a "Social Listening" (think type feature be reborn?

This functionality was hands-down the most exciting, inspiring, and "sticky" functionality, and such a heart-break when it was killed with the death of Spotify's legacy "app ecosystem".

Anyone here heard anything about the return of social listening to Spotify?

In the meantime, does anyone have a favorite interim solution for gathering together, co-curating a LIVE playlist, and chat about the music we're sharing with each other there?

Many thanks for any helpful replies and Happy New Year y'all!
Mpls, MN

Well you obviously need to bring this feature to PC, as well. Really odd to exclude the most comprehensive platform and its users.

That's Cool..  Can i jam on any playlist or this feature is apply on limited playlists.

Hi there @KevinAsutton!

Yes! Jam is available in any public playlist on Spotify.


MateusMSpotify Star
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Thanks MateusM

Regrettably, the recently introduced feature, Jam, doesn't support simultaneous music playback on multiple devices. It only enables users to manage music on a single speaker. The feature you desired was previously available as Group Session but has been replaced by Jam. It was a fantastic feature for long-distance relationships, but it has been discontinued. For more Click here.

Whoever made (and approved) the jam "feature" should be fired. This is a page 1 rewrite and I want it out of my phone. Does anyone have links to the last app update without jam? It's buggy AND a security risk, if anyone at Spotify had any sense of responsibility they'd disable until they can code it to be disabled by default.

Spotify's new feature, Jam, revolutionizes shared listening experiences with friends. Whether you're vibing to the latest hits or discovering hidden gems, Jam enhances the camaraderie of music exploration. With its seamless integration and interactive features, Jam amplifies the joy of discovering and sharing tunes with your circle. Say goodbye to solo listening sessions and hello to synchronized beats with Jam on Spotify.

[link removed by mod]




Thank you, Mateus!
What wonderful news!

I can already imagine various strategies for building engagement with fans and sharing unique moments with them.

I haven't tested the tool yet, but anyone who wants to put "Music with Conscience", which promotes socio-emotional education and mental health through MPB, on their playlist, will be very happy and I look forward to your opinions on the song "In the other's place", winner of the "Artist Wanted" competition here in the community.

Artist/Band Name: Clara
Where are you: São Paulo
Main musical genre: MPB
Describe your sound/music in a few words:  good vibes, love, and danceable energy
Spotify link to one of your most recent songs that you would send as a priority to Community users:
Link to Spotify profile:
A link to a social media outlet of your choice:
Who your musical inspirations are: Djavan, Clara Nunes, Ivete Sangalo, João Bosco, Lenine, Seu Jorge, Elis Regina, Tim Maia
Is there anything else you'd like to add to help users get to know you better:  I'm from São Paulo, Brazil-based artist, Clara creates music in the MPB, pop, and trap genres that is characterized by good vibes, love, and danceable energy. At the same time, her music raises awareness about such topics as self-knowledge, empathy, and respect for differences.




I don't have specific information about a feature called "Jam" on Spotify. However, Spotify frequently updates its platform, introducing new features and improvements.

To find the most accurate and up-to-date [external link removed by mod] information on Spotify features, including the "Jam" feature, I recommend checking Spotify's official announcements, release notes, or their official website. 

Good news! Jam is now available in the desktop app! 🥳 🖥️ 💻

Now you can start or join a listening party with your friends, family, colleagues, and classmates, with the Spotify desktop app in addition to the mobile app.


Jam is now rolling out to Premium users using the desktop app. Free users can join an in person Jam using the mobile app.


To see how to use Jam and post your feedback about Jam and the Queue sidebar in the desktop app, please check out the main post:


Desktop: Jam now available



Desktop: Jam now available

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Id love to use this feature. I’ve been using Spotify for many years but if anyone can recommend an other music app where I am able to listen to same music on different devices I’d like to change to it. Until Spotify fix it. 

Dear Spotify Team,

I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the amazing platform you've built and to advocate for the return of a beloved feature: Jam sessions for all users, both premium and free.

The ability to join jams remotely was not just a fun feature; it was a powerful tool for connecting people through music regardless of their subscription level. Whether collaborating with friends, bonding with family, or jamming with fellow musicians from around the world, this feature brought a sense of unity and creativity to the Spotify community.

As a loyal Spotify user, I have personally experienced the joy of creating music together with friends, even when we were miles apart. It not only strengthened our bond but also allowed us to explore new musical ideas in a collaborative and seamless way.

I understand the need for business decisions and changes to the platform, but I believe that bringing back Jam sessions for all users would enhance the overall Spotify experience. It would encourage more users to engage actively with the platform, foster a sense of inclusivity, and showcase Spotify's commitment to fostering musical creativity and collaboration.

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