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So I've been using Spotify for two years now. No more than a month ago, I would boot up the Spotify App, and I would scroll down my large "Favorites" playlist (has almost 400 songs) and it would forcefully scroll back up to the top of playlist, done by "freezing" for half a second, then suddenly I'm at the song at the top of my playlist. Wouldn't be annoying if I didn't have to scroll down the list 1 song at a time with the device's included remote. It's impossible to reach any more than about 8 songs below the top listed song because of this app-breaking bug. And since that's where ALL of my music is, and I can't add songs to a playlist except by favoriting them (not that I would anyways due to how large my favorites playlist and skepticism of IF the bug will trigger in any playlist or just the favorites), I basically can't use the app to it's fullest. I've tried force stopping it and clearing cache, loggin out and then back in, neither have worked. Please fix ASAP. I don't want to have to download my songs again, which is why I use Spotify in the first place. I appreciate your time in reading my request for help. 

P.S. It happens every time I use it

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Howldy xSoulHoundx!

Thats got to be frustrating... . It looks like you've already tried several troubleshooting steps. Have you considered checking for updates? Additionally, you could potentially bypass the scrolling and playlist problems on the Fire Stick app by using your phone to select the songs you want to play on the TV. 

Not currently a Fire Stick user but will ask the other Stars if they have any input. Any other information would be greatly appreciated i.e. OS version, screen rec/cap, Spotify app version etc. 

Sniffing around for more solutions, 

-Prague the Dog


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