Spotify shuffles only the most recent songs

Spotify shuffles only the most recent songs


This issue has been reported once, here:


But since that issue has been open since 2018 and there hasn't been any official response from Spotify or any message whatsoever that the issue is being handled, I've decided to post again.


In many times, Spotify shuffles only the 200-250 most recently added songs in my likes, The entire queue will be made up only from these songs and when the queue ends it just repeats itself, ignoring the 1000+ other songs I have in my likes.

The issue is quickly resolved when I shuffle again, but it's still annoying. It happens both on Mac OS and Android.

Thank you


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I have the same issue where it only replays the same amount of songs and stops playing entirely once those same songs have been playing. I also get a lot of duplicates especially if connected to a Bluetooth device like my car or my Alexa. I’ve tried the toggling the shuffle button a few times but it still has the same result. 

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