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Synchronization of folders on PC, web and Android

Synchronization of folders on PC, web and Android




(PC, Laptop, Oppo ax7)

Operating System

(Android 8.1.0, Windows 10)

My Question or Issue

Hi, in the Spotify PC application, I arrange folder list and arrange playlists in them. Everything works fine there. BUT on the Android phone and in the browser in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox:
- folders appear but change position on the list;
- playlists are in the wrong folders;
- folders are also suddenly located in other folders;
- when I click the arrow icon next to the folder name, the folder does not close or open, I can see the playlists of that folder all the time. Only the arrow next to the name shows whether the folder is open or closed.

Please fix it!

(I was looking for an answer to the problem, but I don't speak English well. I used a translator here.)

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