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I received emails saying my playlists had been taken down.



We have found the following content to be in violation of our content policies, and we have removed it. Please see our Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use for more information.

(Playlist url code : 4ZksqiaaHyscMFYJJK8Vb8)



What was the violation ?

Why am I allegedly in breach of Spotify's Terms and Conditions of Use?


I've been using Spotify on the Premium plan for years… That’s just now (and with my biggest playlists). My playlists have become the largest in his category. I have strong suspicions that the takedowns are due to malicious reports.


I humbly and kindly ask for an explanation of what happened and why it happened and a solution.




5 Replies

Same problem. I figured I was using a copyrighted image so I uploaded an image I drew myself and I still got a takedown message with no details. 

LOL as I was typing this it was taken down again, WOW. Looks like some bot garbage they have to fix

Happens to me frequently as well. Don’t have any playlist cover and it’s the most generic playlist name ever “2000s rap workout” that just happens to have a lot of followers. This has been going on for years and nobody at Spotify gives a **bleep**. Attaching my latest chat conversation from yesterday as proof they don’t care at all about users here, or at least do t want to bother to fix this very widespread bot problem that persists after years of customer complaints. Thanks Spotify for making our lives annoying for no reason other than your own laziness here. Reach out to me at @bravesfan35 on Twitter if you have anything to say for yourself. 


I see some Takedowns on certain "words /titles" very often in my genre of music.  And funny enoght it's as @Rlarmore mentioned also including "Workout".  We really need some help here.... 

I know it's an old topic but have you found anyone who can help? I was in contact with support yesterday where they helped me with another issue. When that was solved I asked for help about who to contact (email address) because 2 playlists were taken down and I don't know why (i.e. Eric Clapton - Greatest hits with my own homemade cover. He doesn't even have a GH himself, only Best of ao) but no reply whatsoever. And you are not able to reply to the "takedown-mails" 😞

Spotify has decided to go the "woke" route. If you don't like someone's playlist, you can report to have it TAKEN DOWN. Try it yourself. 



Lol. What a bunch of idiots.

Anyways, with another user's help and that of ChatGPT, I created a script that taps into Spotify's developer API and automatically renames and updates the description of a playlist of mine that was being targetted by some bozo, who didn't like it. And was reporting it. Daily. 

To get your playlist active again, as you might already know, simply login to Spotify using a browser. Then sort your playlists by alphabetical order. Your un-named (TAKEN DOWN) playlists should be at the top. Simply rename them and your back in business.

Problem was, I was having to do this manually at least once or twice a day.

Forget that. I automated a script to do that for me. It ran for about a month. Must have been SO demoralizing to the stupid moron who was reporting my playlist at random times every day, to see it come back up within an hour of his having the playlist being taken down (the script runs on the hour, every hour).

Now if Spotify took that category out, 99% of us having this problem, would NOT have a problem.

So how about it Spotify? How about you "wake" up? And fix an abusive and useless category?

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