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Unnamed (No Title) Playlists not showing up in Library

Unnamed (No Title) Playlists not showing up in Library

For months now:

  • UNNAMED (NO TITLE) playlists that I like (follow) do not show up in Library. They only show up on my Profile, stuck in the first position (until I like (follow) another playlist, OR I right-click "Remove from profile").
  • Please notice the playlist order on my profile — compared to my Library — in the following 3 screenshots. The unnamed (no title) playlist I follow does not appear in Library.


Spotify, please fix this bug, so I can organize my profile/library.

  • Currently, the only solution is to "Remove from profile" (but I want this playlist on my profile, so it is stuck at the first position).
  • This bug fix should be relatively simple — and help boost user engagement!
  • Please also note: a few months ago (many updates ago), this did NOT happen (as I interact with the unnamed playlist in the screenshot below regularly)

Unnamed (No Title) Playlist:

  • Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 6.56.38 AM.png

Profile view (unnamed (no title) playlist stuck at first position):

  • Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 7.00.45 AM.png

Library view (unnamed (no title) playlist does not appear):

  • Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 7.00.59 AM.png

Also, not directly related to this topic, but Spotify, if you see this and decide to fix this bug, you could use this (or perhaps a better example) to advertise the Spotify Community — as a selling point over other music streaming services. (i.e. Show that you seriously value, consider, and even implement users' feedback, worldwide!)




Premium, USA, (Mac, iPhone, Web, all platforms)

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Hey @huntc99,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


The playlist with no name has been reported for breaking the Spotify guidelines and that's why it doesn't have a name and album cover and doesn't appear in the Library. This is expected behavior for such lists as they cannot show up in the list if they have no title.


We thank you for the feedback on this matter though. Rest assured we're always striving to improve the user experience on our platform and your feedback is a substantial driving force in this direction.


Hope this clears things a bit,



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Thank you for your feedback. For now, I will just make a copy of this no-name playlist (and give it a name, under my account). I understand why no-name playlists would confuse everything and why they should be reported. However, the duplicity of how I'm able to like, view, and follow this playlist (and it appears on my profile but not my library) is what seems like some sort of bug.

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