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Why am I not allowed to enjoy my playlist in its entirety

You ridiculous limit means that I am always listening to the same fifty songs : USELESS !!!!

Your interface because of this limit is absolutely worthless and source of immense frustration

What is the point of having a playlist if you have limited my use of it ???

Basically I paying you so that you can prevent me from listening to my music ?

Why use a paid service when I could do this for free and not be limited at all ?

This makes me want to change my music app; which is what I am currently looking into

Thanks you for making be believe that Spotify was a user friendly application 

Now that I have used it it feels like a chinese or russian app where I am prevented from using it as I please because OF COURSE, you know BETTER DON'T YOU ?

Signed a dissatisfied user, soon to be ex user

I don't wish you anything for making my appreciation of music so unpleasant and restricted 





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Hi there @azurtem,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


We moved your post to a relevant Help board where it fits better.


To clarify, the number of songs shown in the Play Queue isn't the total number of songs that will be played from that playlist, so you're not restricted on the number of songs you'll listen to. It only shows the upcoming 81 songs, but as your playlist keeps playing, new songs appear in the Queue.


If you're listening to a 700+ songs playlist, the 700+ songs will play, and not only the 81 that first appear in the Queue.


Hope this clears things up. If you have any questions, the Community is here for you.



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Third post attempt:

Thanks for the blah blah blah

Unfortunately for you the proof is in the pudding and the pudding so far is not what was promised or expected !

I hope that I was able to clearly express my state of mind on this matter !


What of the possibility to chain playlists together so that they are played in sequence; has that function been reinstated yet ?

Hi @azurtem,


Thank you for keeping in touch.


It's not very clear to us if the reply shared by @CarlosE cleared your doubts about the queue. Could you clarify that to us? 


About your question, the feature to add playlists to the queue already exists. If you're using the desktop app, right-click on the playlists you wish to play and select "Add to queue".


In the mobile app, open the playlists, click on the 3 dot menu and tap on "Add to queue". 


Let us know if you have any other questions.

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I haven’t experienced what you pretend is the normal mode of operation

I continue to believe that my playlist is not rendered in a random order; I am convinced that certain songs are repeatedly played within a short span of time.

It’s as if Spotify has decided what I like to hear rather than allowing me to hear what I want

Hi. This started happening to me as well with the magic number being 81 songs is all that I can see on my queued list. I know you've explained that isn't the actual number of songs queued, but my problem is that I add songs from created playlists and it is not letting me see the next songs from that playlist to add as it is cutting off the viewed songs on the list at 81. If I delete a song from the queued list, it will show me one song to add, which is a very time-consuming way to make a queued list. I've cleared my cache and removed and reinstalled the app and nothing has happened. It's weird that it just started happening to me randomly today as I have used a different queued playlist of at least 150 songs daily to play through out the day as I work. Can you please fix this? I run off on an Iphone 13,version# 16.1.2 and Spotify version Thank you.

Please bring back the function to be able to view more than 81 songs in a queue. Before 01/12/23, I was able to view more than 81 songs in my queue, but all of a sudden I'm only able to view 81 songs at a time in a queue. I understand that I can add unlimited songs to a queue, but that isn't my issue, it's the fact that I would like to view all songs in the queue, not just 81. I queue up about 150 songs daily and I do so by shuffling different playlists and then adding songs to the queue below the "Next From (Playlist Name)", hope that makes sense. If I can only view 81 songs in the queue, then I am unable to add songs past 81, which is quite frustrating. Please bring back the function to be able to view unlimited songs in the queue and not just up to 81. Thank you.

I have the same problem i can only have 81 songs in my queue!

If i added more songs its not updated at all. Very frustration because i listen to Spotify on my work and do the queue in the  morning and dont need to do it any more that day, now i need to do it every 2h. 

Desktop version, (The app is useless if you don´t have premium because you can only listen  to songs randomly there.)

I think its a problem with the latest version? Can i use a older version till you fix it?

Since the latest update ( the queue has become broken. you can only add 81 songs to it. Once the 81 limit has been hit, any further additions will not be entered. This is not just an issue of display.

To replicate:
1) Add 100 songs to the queue. Only the first 81 are displayed.

2) Remove >20 songs from the queue. None of the tracks entered past 81 are on the queue.

I created an "idea" as honestly I have no idea how bug reports are managed on this site.

Hey there @Betjeman!

I just took a look, and I see what you mean.


I added ~100 songs to my queue. Only 80 showed up. If I clicked play on #80 for example, the other ~20 songs would be visible in the queue.

However, if I removed 20 or so songs from my queue, the other 80 or so would suddenly be gone.


At the moment, I don't know if there would be a workaround or a fix that can be done from the user side. We may need to wait for Spotify devs to fix it.


Posting in the Help category is the correct way to report a bug. Please delete your Idea post, as it doesn't qualify as an idea, and it means less for our wonderful Community helpers and staff to sift through.

You can read about posting bug reports here, and about the rest of the Community on our FAQ, here.


I've attached some screen recordings for a higher-ranked Community member to take a look at, as I don't have the ability to escalate this thread as a problem/bug report.

Recording #1 consists of me adding 110 songs to my queue, and clicking play on song #79 in the queue (effectively letting the queue play out, or skipping through songs.) After the ad, the next 31 songs I added to the queue are now visible and would play.

Recording #2 consists of me adding the same 110 songs to my queue, and removing the first 20 songs from the queue. This action removed the 20 songs I selected, and also songs #81-110 from the queue.

Here is a link to the playlist I used to test this problem.



Thanks for your post! Users like you are how Spotify gets problems fixed 🙂

Hi, thanks for confirming,

I don't think I can delete ideas, someone else will have to close it if it is in the wrong place.
However, I'd like the queue to go back to how it was working previously. If I manually add songs to the list, then the list should grow to the size of the number of tracks I've added, and not top out at 81 (or whatever arbitrary number is applied) as this makes it very hard to manage a day's worth of music. I queue up everything at the beginning of the day so I don't have to think about it again.

Okay, no worries. I didn't know you couldn't delete posts. I've never tried.


Do you know when this first started happening?

There was a patch on Saturday, January 21st to fix another queue problem. Maybe that fix caused this issue?


I never add this many songs to my queue, so I had no idea this was even a problem.

I think it happened in the latest update. I queue a large number of songs daily and noticed it this morning. I can't be 100%

I can't stand silence or letting Spotify choose songs for me so I make sure I have enough to fill up my day!

That sounds like a great way to keep focused throughout the day! I can't tell you how many times I hit skip throughout the day.

I'm having a issue where not only does it just show only 81 songs in the queue but if I'm adding whole albums and I pass the 81 song limit it, only adds the most recent album added to the queue and that is all. It doesn't automatically add all to the 81 shown.  So if I added 5 albums after the 81 song limit, as the queue moves only the latest album added appears in the queue and the other albums never show or play. This is a issue when I'm working and away from my pc and then the queue starts playing whatever playlist/song I was listening to before making the queue. This problem has only started recently and if its a permanent thing I'll be cancelling my premium subscription. 

Same! I use the queue for work and all I keep being told is that I can add unlimited songs to the queue, which is true but can only see 81. My issue wasn't the number of songs, but what can be viewed. It doesn't sound like they're making this a priority as I've spoken to multiple reps via chat over the past week about this. I also have to do the queue every 2 hours or so as well, super frustrating.

Hey folks,


Thank you for your messages and welcome to the Community.


We appreciate all the info that both of you have included in the thread. To continue investigating this issue, would you mind checking if it happens on the Web Player or the mobile app as well?


Also, in case you haven't done it before, include in your next response the OS version and the Spotify version you're currently running on your computer. This will give us a better look at the issue.


We'll be on the lookout.

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I'm on:

Spotify for Windows


Edition Windows 11 Pro
Version 22H2
Installed on ‎10/‎6/‎2022
OS build 22621.1105
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22638.1000.0


I cannot duplicate the issue on the web player, because I cannot select more than 1 song at a time.

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