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Watch Feed on the Home tab

Watch Feed on the Home tab

Hey folks,


You might have spotted a new feature we rolled out to some of our users. We're launching a new feed which will help you expand your musical horizons and dive into content discovery through a Canvas video. You can spot that feed under your usual favorite shelves on the home page.


We took a lot of the constructive feedback we got from one of our recent tests of a similar feature and tried to implement it in this new iteration.


The Home page still contains all the shortcuts you’re used to see when you first open the app, so it’s still easy to jump back in whichever recent listening session you want, but if you’re feeling adventurous you could swipe down a few more times to reach the new watch feed.


In there you get the chance to discover more tracks and can save them to your playlists - all at your own pace and preferences. The feed is automatically muted so that you can choose whether you wanna listen to the suggested song or skip to the next one. It also gives you the option via the 3 dot menu to say that you’re not interested in the suggestion.


We would be glad to hear what you think of this new way to discover new content, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your thoughts! 

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I’m seeing the “Tik-tok”-style tiles at the bottom of the Home Screen again, and I don’t understand why Spotify would try that again when there was so much backlash last time. Please stop this experiment. It failed last time; we don’t want it. 

Hey @mccartney64, thanks for reaching out to the Community!

Spotify is often testing and launching improvements and new features. This means you might see something on the app your friend doesn’t, or get a new feature to try temporarily. You can add your feedback to this thread as it's still being monitored internally by Spotify.


I'll also pass your feedback on to the right folks. 

Let me know if you have any more questions!

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After a while Tiktok view is back. I don't need it. Please remove fully.

It was before removed and reverted back to tiles, and tiles to the end, good.


Now someone managed to add Tiktok view back after less than half scrolling.


Anyone having this? The tiktok view feedback thread is closed.


Video to describe this problem better:



Please REMOVE this TIKTOK view from the 10th row. I don't want it and I don't pay for ruining anyones app experience!

I hate this feature, because it starts playing music while I am listening on a other device. So much that I dropped my phone. There should at least be an option preventing the app from playing automatically. Now it nearly gave me a hart attack.

It would be great to be able to disable the videos/animations that get looped in the home/search screen in the mobile app. Often because 4 or 5 videos are in view at the same time it causes my phone to freeze and the audio to stutter. Even if data saver and the no video options are turned on, these videos seem to play in the browse results. 

Since you're asking - it's hard to imagine being interested in this feature. I don't think people want anything to autoplay. Which makes me wonder which parts of the feedback from the previous tests y'all implemented? Because that seemed to be the basic feedback - "we don't want this feature." Was it just that it starts muted in this version? Does the three dot menu allow you to turn it off completely? If so, I think that's a pretty good compromise. Any experiments that can be disabled or hidden are probably ok (provided it's not too much trouble and stays turned off).

Please remove Tiktok view from main page. Tired at it, not very appealing when two different presentations at once.

Do your job to fulfill customers needs, this is not how to do it. Still mad about this update no one asked.

I don´t like the feed. How to turn this annoying feature off?

You're very pushy and eager to feed new stuff and features on the app, but somehow you've forgot some of the most, if not even the most requested feature on the forums.Nobody asked for tiktok or anything else not trivial.
Just thinking that as market leader you should now know what kind of things to prioritize first and then what not. You've fallen and some gone more blind as the competitors got too close to you. I wonder how many marbles does the persons running these things have? Are they really that blind on what happens on the forums?

So where is Hifi? Lossless? Hires? Hello..if you had a heart you would give it back to us.

Please get rid of Tik tok view. They had 50+ pages long complaints about it and no one needs it half tik tok with tiles first.


I wonder why so little complaints here, all canceled or just happy with tiles AT FIRST before tiktok after 10th row.

You are fooling your customers.

Can you make new features like this an option in setting? I personally really dislike the 'Explore Your Genres' section because it increases mindlessness & resembles TikTok. People may switch away from your app if you make new features with no off button in settings. Give the people options...

Please make option to disable completely any artist videos in the Music page in Main view or search.


No need for this. Stop forcing tiktok after 11th row. Or make all tiktok... two different views is not for this day!

I am literally thinking to leave in a year just because how messy home page is now when there are two different presentation ways.

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