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When will algorithm starts recommending songs I like

When will algorithm starts recommending songs I like








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Hello, I'm planning to buy Premium in the upcoming months. Before buying I want to test how good Spotify is. I started by adding my favourite songs (about 80-100).

After a few days of listening, two recommended playlists showed up. Time Capsule and Release Radar. In Time Capsule there are 80% of songs that I don't like. Release Radar claims that it will recommend songs from Artist that I listen to but there is not a single artist that I follow or listen to + 90% of songs that are in there have no lyrics. And Yes, I'm liking songs that I like and "disliking" songs that I don't like. Also, I'm wondering if the recommendations will improve if I will keep listening to the playlist with my favorite songs over and over again. Thanks.

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Hey there @Kryst0f!


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If you’re new to using Spotify, we'll need to get an idea of your music taste first before creating personalized playlists for you. No worries, the more you listen, the better recommendations you'll get.


For the app to become familiar with your taste, you can keep selecting the songs that you don't like and choosing the "Hide this song" option. Likewise, you can keep Liking the songs you do like by clicking on the heart icon. This will help the playlist to be updated so it can include more personalized results. 


If you have any questions, just let us know 🙂

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