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Where is the option to Save to Other Storage?

Where is the option to Save to Other Storage?

Plan = Premium

Country = USA


Device = LG G7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S


Operating System = Android 9 and Android 6.0.1, respectively


My Question or Issue

Why don't I have the option to save to external storage from my Samsung Galaxy Tab S but I have this option on my LG?  Apps are fully updated on each.

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Hello there!

Do you mean the songs in app or ability to save the app to an external storage?

In first case, you can find the option in the settings of app. (i added the photo with comments, because i'm using Russian version). 




In second case, it's can be the feature (specity) of your phone. For example i have Honor 8a, and i can't save the apps to external storage, because my phone prohibits the use of this function. But my old phone could do it.

P. S. Sorry for my bad english😅

I mean the ability to save my Spotify library songs to the SD card instead of internal storage of my device (#1 in your example).  On my cell phone, the option is there.  On my tablet, it is not even there.

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