Why Can't I Shuffle *ALL* My Songs?

Why Can't I Shuffle *ALL* My Songs?




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Why is it that I can't shuffle *EVERYTHING* I have in my library? Spotify removed the "Songs" tab from the Library page, and yes, I know that they replaced it with the "Liked Songs" playlist, but every song in my library and all my "liked" songs are two vastly different things. I just want to be able to shuffle everything all at once every now and then, not just a few select songs I may have happened to remember to "Like". 

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Hi there @Ph0enix_216

thanks for posting about this !


The community has a great section called "Ideas" which if you're not yet familiar with it, you can get more info about it here.


However, I was able to find this live idea suggestion a "main" shuffle option.


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Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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