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Why are all my recommended playlists basically the same?

Why are all my recommended playlists basically the same?






All my devices. Windows 10, ios.

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Lately I've been having this issue where all the playlists or radios or whatever that spotify show me in the "Home" tab are basically all the same. They consist of songs I've listened to many times. I can't seem to find any new music except for the 30 songs in the discover weekly (of which usually 1-2 are good)


I've been using spotify for a long time, but this is seriously becoming annoying and I've been looking to replace spotify with something else. All the playlists just consist of the songs that are in my other playlists. I understand that this is part of your "personlization" feature, but seriously, its really bad.

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Hey @Albinii,


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!


It's important to note that near 75% of the content in your Daily Mixes should already be familiar to you, as their purpose is to focus primarily on the stuff you enjoy, with some occasional additions recommended by the app based on your taste. In this case, it's expected for the app to suggest similar songs to the ones you usually listen to. Discover Weekly and Release Radar are more oriented towards exploring new music.


If you'd like to discover new music, you can use the Radio feature or head to Search and choose a category where you'll find a lot of playlists made by Spotify. You can also check out the Picked just for You playlists if you're looking for new recommendations on Spotify. You can access them by typing picked for you in the Search bar and filtering out the results so that only Playlists would appear.


For personalized playlists such as Daily Mix and Discover Weekly, you can improve the suggestions by liking and disliking songs as mentioned in this article. By following these suggestions, the app will adjust your recommendations in the coming weeks.


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