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Why does Spotify hate users organizing their music in playlists?

Why does Spotify hate users organizing their music in playlists?

What does Spotify think about its users?
They removed now "Multiple Select" as well as "Add Album to playlist" on mobile devices. This way it is not possible on mobile anymore to organize playlists (and albums in playlists). Folders are also only handled on Desktop apps. Seems like they do not want mobile (power?) users to handle their music library structured. The simple Likes for albums is unusable if you have a lot of albums...and makes collecting music impossible and Spotify really unlovable.

I won't be paying this amount of money for a simple streaming service where I cannot organize my music properly...

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I make yearly playlists of my favorite albums. Now I have to add each track individually...

This ******* sucks! I have my Ultimate Playlist with over 800 songs, and would be still growing if it wasn't for this ******* unnecessary lack of a feature, on my other account that I can't log into and not being able to just simply check all boxes or highlight all the songs on my old main playlist then move them to my new account playlist drives me up the ******* wall. 


Such simple but great features are always getting either removed or over looked and it's not just Spotify, stupidity seems to be a trend everywhere. It makes me want to drop kick a pink slip into their ******* stupid ignorant dumb *** face. There's no excuse, it's ******* annoying and people in charge of the features should be fired and replaced with more competent and less ignorant *** hats.


Fix this **** Spotify, you have no excuse for not having this feature. You're entire staff, all the way up to the top dog himself, are ******* idiots. Don't expect me to apologize for calling out y'all's stupid BS.

Desperately hoping this is integrated. It is absolutely insane to me that Spotify does not allow manual reorganizing of playlists on mobile app. How hard could it possibly be to drag and drop a playlist into another folder? Or change the folder in which a playlist resides? This is possible in many apps more basic than Spotify. I have dozens upon dozens of playlists, and I only use iOS devices (no desktop), so having (lack of) control over my playlist organization is a nightmare. Shocking for an otherwise robust and user friendly app. 

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