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Wrapped experience/playlist inaccuracy

Wrapped experience/playlist inaccuracy

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I’ve been unsatisfied with the last couple of results from Spotify’s Wrapped experience. I have a account and considering Spotify is where I listen to all of my music, it’s pretty easy to clock the inaccuracy. I searched on it and got this answer.

One reason presented for missing or misplaced tracks was:

  • Leaving Spotify playing in the background without noticing what's currently playing

My question is how does Spotify know that? Is it a guess? If I’ve been playing the same song or same couple of songs for hours, which I sometimes do, will it simply discard those plays?

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I think it's not about playing the same song(s) or certain playlist(s) for hours but about the option "Autoplay similar songs when your music ends".
If your autoplay lasts for hours than most probably you listen to music simply as a background and it's not very important for you. So it's can't be called "favorite music/artists" of course.

I don’t have autoplay on and even if I did, those songs wouldn’t make it to
the playlist anyway as they are randomized and probably only played once or
The issue is Spotify assuming you’re not paying attention simply because
you chose to play a certain song or playlist on repeat and then discarding
those plays.

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