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Wrong Song Displayed issue NOT resolved YET !....wth !...SOS !

Wrong Song Displayed issue NOT resolved YET !....wth !...SOS !

Plan   Premium

Country   USA

Device  LG Android Phone/Windows Desktop/ Amazon Fire Tablet for the 5+ years that I have been a generally satisfied PREMIUM subscriber to Spotify, I notice that frequently the next or last song played is displayed INSTEAD of what is currently playing ..   Normally, this would not bother me so much but when you are trying to discover NEW music via the curated playlists Spotify provides, it would be nice if you would know what you are listening to (Ya think ?) .. I experience this issue on my desktop AND my Amazon Fire Tablet.... Tonight I did a thorough search of the database for other users with  this problem and although I saw many posts about the same issue, I saw NO RESOLVE or any useful info from the folks at Spotify..... I may have missed it but I got the point of frustration and I did not find the navigation of the help info a very pleasant experience... .. Hopefully, the folks at Spotify will point me to where there IS some resolve  for this issue...Thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS  EVERYBODY !

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Hey @MkCnnr,


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community and merry Christmas to you 🙂


For us to be able to look into what you described, it'd be great if you'd let us know the following additional info:

  • Exact version of the operating system running on your devices 
  • Exact version of Spotify on each device
  • Does it happen on WiFi or 3G/4G?
  • Home or work network? 
  • A video of the issue taking place as you reported it

We'd also honestly appreciate and be grateful if you felt like sharing with us the links to the Community posts you came across which address the same issue.


It will help us as we try and collect as many precious details as possible to investigate.


We'll look out for your reply and wish you a happy end of the year!

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Spotify displays the next song to be played when using connect and of course the shuffle or limited lack of the ability to do so is maddening.  

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