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how do streams count?how to stream to help an artist?

how do streams count?how to stream to help an artist?


I've been listening to music from Spotify for a while but don't really know how the "streaming" works.. 

I mean if I want to help an artist by streaming, how does it really work?

Can I just make a playlist with my favourite songs and listen to only that playlist all day long and everything will be counted? Every time the song is played over 30 second it will be counted? even if its on loop? Won't I be considered a bot if I keep on listening to the same song for days, weeks???

I hope someone can help me, have a good day!

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Hey @fatimaa98.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


The answer you're looking for is given in the Spotify for Artists FAQ, which you can check out here.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.


Stay awesome 🙂


PS. I hope your friend didn't make these songs - you might be streaming them for a while..!



Hello sir, did you ever get a reply to your question as I had a very similar question for my band's old collection of songs & my next solo album under a new name.

Specifically if you knew whether if a song is credited to 2 artists, then are the play counts split or are they properly counted equal for each artist?

Much appreciated for all your time in this!

Hi I’m also having trouble with this I still couldn’t find the information

Hi did you find what you were looking for cause I couldn’t 

Also, what is a musician is looping a song to practise along with. It is useful to be able to do this in some circumstances, but does that mean that an algorithm is going to see a spike and react in some way?

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