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"Playlist Radio" removed. Possible reintroduction in Spotify "Supremium" tier for $19.99? Please.

"Playlist Radio" removed. Possible reintroduction in Spotify "Supremium" tier for $19.99? Please.

So, Spotify removed the "Playlist Radio" feature from it's service and it was a crippling blow to my ability to discover new music.  I'm not trying to be dramatic here (it just IS dramatic), but I suffer with Major Depressive Disorder and the one thing that has consistently kept that at bay is discovering new music.  Music and, in particular, new music discovery, has been my one reliable "natural high" that would help me keep my head above the waters of debilitating depression.  I've noticed that when I haven't found a fresh batch of new music, my listening declines along with my depression increasing.


So, I'm absolutely not trying to speak in dramatic platitudes here when I say that Spotify's decision to remove "Playlist Radio" has directly impacted my mental health.


After reading about the rumored upcoming "Supremium" tier ($19.99) that Spotify is supposedly going to launch with rumored features like AI-generated playlists, there was a spark of hope that started to burn deep within my soul.  Did Spotify remove "Playlist Radio" in preparation for reintroducing it behind a more premium paywall?


My opinion is that this would be a very heartless commercial move, and I think that's a shitty thing to do, but if there's a glimmer of hope that I'll be able to make radio stations again based on the "vibe" of my current playlists, I would be willing to begrudgingly pay the $20.  Honestly, for me, because my mental well-being is tied to it, I would pay almost any reasonable price tag for it.  I just want to bring back the little bit of joy that consistently finding new music brought into my life.  Depression is no joke and companies need to start very critically thinking about the varied negative impacts that removing beloved features will bring about to their users.


I'm an extreme example probably, but... Spotify please bring this feature back and make this one user a little bit happier in his life.


All the best,


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I also have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and have had the same experience as you. I used to rely on massive eclectic playlists and the radio feature to keep me interested and finding new music. As a paying customer, I don't really have a use for the service now and will be seeking out other platforms that can provide a similar experience (I hope). Like you, this change has also been a detriment to my mental health, it was very disheartening to hear they removed what I considered the primary feature. The Discover Weekly playlist lasts me as long as my Monday morning commute, that's about it. 

Big thumbs down all around, very disappointing. 

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