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"and more" button for free users is unresponsive on album and artist pages

"and more" button for free users is unresponsive on album and artist pages




Uk (London)


IPhone X

Operating System

iOS 13.5.1


My Question or Issue

Whenever I want to check what songs are included in an album or artist it doesn’t pop up into a column where the songs can be seen. 

Top Answer
Spotify Legend

Hi there folks,


We appreciate you bringing this forward to us and we've investigated.


We can confirm that at the moment, the "and more" option when viewing an album or artist page won't be leading to a page where you can preview a list of all the tracks contained within. However, you should still be able to listen to the shuffled tracks of an album or artist.


We understand that having the button while it not doing anything can be confusing and that you'd like to have a way to see all tracks in an album so rest assured that we'll be passing your feedback to the right folks.


You can also +VOTE this idea on our Exchange to show your support. 


Hope this is helpful but don't hesitate to let us know if there's anything else we can help with. 


Take care 🙂

94 Replies

Hi! Thanks for voting:) As far as I'm aware the idea needs to get 500 votes before Spotify reviews it, so I think we just have to wait for now. If you want to help in some way, I guess you could ask friends (who are experiencing the same problem) to vote for the idea so that we get to 500 votes quicker.

Spotify is getting worse, cruel & horrible for the free users.  Guys do u there is another additional punishment for the free users. The shuffle button on the artist profile has disappeared. I can only shuffle from the artist's album. 

Ok I am a free user but I am listening to the damn ads. Crippling this button for me is deal breaker. Hello Youtube Music 

  • Anyone else noticed they’ve now stopped the ‘and more’ appearing like a button so when you click on it like you used to it does nothing at all. They’re clearly not listening to the main feedback
  • It’s cheaper to get more data from your phone network and listen to tracks you want on YouTube 🤷‍♀️

This is so frustrating and disappointing. It really makes it impossible to discover new music. If Spotify doesn’t change back I’m going somewhere else even if I have to pay a subscription somewhere else but I won’t be giving a dime to Spotify.

So was this an intentional feature that was removed from the free version with no plans to revert or a bug that is being looked to fix?

Yep intentional. 

But when I got in contact with Spotify to report the ‘issue’ they made me delete the app, reinstall, give them a load of info about the device and test on other devices etc.... the support team seemed to think something was wrong until after 5 days of this going on they said it’s actually meant to be this way. 😭  they don’t like free users of their app; they want everyone to be premium.... 

Where can we vote? I have not yet voted and I would like to!

go to page 1 of this thread and scroll down to ‘solution’. Someone called Oliee (I think) posted a message with a link to where you can vote 🙂

This is super disappointing and definitely makes me consider giving up Spotify. How am I supposed to make a playlist when I can't even view the songs on an album? Really poor move to take away such a basic feature...

So is this a way to get me to pay for premium service? No one likes to be hoodwinked. Especially not there in a pandemic. Find another way.

They said they’d look into it 2 months ago. Why is this marked as solved? It’s not solved, nothing changed, its not a bug, its a cash grab for premium. I have over 2000 songs built up on my playlist. Guess I’ll find another app. Not milking 10$ a month out of me just so i get unlimited skips and no ads and now apparently song previews because us peasants don’t deserve that anymore i guess. Do the ads not generate enough revenue? Horrible move.

Actually because of this, I can’t un hide a music that I accidentally hid. Without the and more button, I can’t un hide the music.

I’ve had Spotify for a long time and it’s never given me any problems. However when will this problem be fixed or will it ever be fixed? This “solution” was posted in July and it is now October. It is very inconvenient to not be able to see albums because I can’t even hear previews for new albums and music I might be interested in. If this is now a premium feature, I think this is a little unfair. Users should not have to pay to see songs on an album. Please, PLEASE find a way to fix this!!

Download Spotify on your Windows PC/Laptop and use it there to build your playlists. Since “Premium” only applies to iOS and Android apps, you get more options available that are restricted otherwise on a free account. Albeit you’ll still get a multitude of commercial ads and popups.

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