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saved albums are removed from the library

saved albums are removed from the library







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(Android, Windows 10)


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Normaly, when I like an an album, it goes to my library with all the albums I liked in the past. But, sometimes, spotify decide to unsave these albums from my library without any reasons. Exemple: recently I found out that an album that I've been frequently listening to have been missing from my library. So, I searched in the artist's page and I found out that Spotifiy, without any logical reasons, removed this album from my library (they are not deleted from spotify, they are just deleted from my library). So, I have to check regulary if some albums that I like are being removed from my library. This goes on from quit a while and I still don't know why does Spotify is doing this. So, if you have an answer, I welcom it. I really want to know why does some albums are being unsave and removed from my library without logical reasons.


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Hi there @if3liz,

thanks for reaching out !


If this issue you're experiencing is recently happening, i recommend you add your +VOTE and subscribe to this ongoing issue under investigation.


Let me know if you have further questions 🙂

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