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Check "Fit Radio" application

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After a whole lot of looking and trying, I've been disappointed by every alternative to Spotify Running Originals -- none work as intuitively, nor have the musical variety/quality, nor offer accurate BPM counts. I landed on two *decent* alternatives, (although I'm not in love with any of these either, yet): 


fit radio: the BPM is dead-on accurate, the playlists are 60 minutes, the mixed music (within the playlists) is varied and decent, and seamless - and if you don't love a particular track, don't worry - the tracks are short and blast by pretty quickly.  I ran to "Victorious: 165 BPM" this morning and it was fun.  


Podrunner: a podcast that pretty old, I think.  There are hundreds of long mixes, all with accurate BPM (fixed tempo, varied tempo).  The music is pretty electronic, but there's a surprising variety within, and among, his many, many options.  Lots of good beats.  My current favorite is "Fast Friends" at 170 BPM.  Check out  


Looked promising, but ended up disappointing:

Nike+ Run:  How clunky and counter-intuitive can you get?!  This app is trying to do too many things, and definitely misses the boat on the music side. 

jogfm:  The BPMs are totally out of whack, and it's torture to find a decent playlist and then go purchase it, blah, blah, blah.  

spring: I might have been doing it wrong, but I thought the music variety was way too limited.  


I'm not really into making a playlist from my own music, so I didn't pursue those.  


What have I missed?  What should we try? What's the closest to Running Originals? 


Good luck, everyone!


I’ve never subcribe to any music app befor spotify, and the only reason I started with spotify is because of the feature to personalize tempo for my current phase, I use to make my own mix, but everytime I got faster I have to make another that sync with my phase, spotify solved that, I use it even when im not running, i even subcribed my family, my family wanted to switch to apple music, but I insist on sticking with spotify bec apple didnt have this feature, so i said spotify “WAS” better. i have a large collection of cd and didn’t have to subscribe to spotify to listen to my fav music, i already have almost 98% of what i listen to, I hope removing the run feature is a temporary thing, and spotify will include it again, but if running feature will not return on next patch, Sad to say i’ll be terminating our family subcription to spotify on our next cut off and switch to apple. 


nothing beats armin's ready set go playlist.

30 minutes at a 185 tempo..  it is like you are flying 🙂

really a shame. 

at least I was able to obtain the original playlist on Spotify... 

Music Fan

How did you get the playlist? My favorite was GO! but I have no idea what songs were on there. I'm searching for some of them that I can recall, but I can't find all of them. Please help. Thank you!


Nice job of retiring a really nice feature on really short notice! I went outside after a long winter of not running much, only to be extremely disappointed that this feature went away. I was fine with just having the app run as-is without many changes, so I can't understand the need to pull it if Spotify didn't want to develop it anymore. Why am I paying for Premium if the features get pared back? I hope this bad judgement gets reconsidered.


Terribly disappointed with this!



Stupid decision by Spotify.  


How do I control the speed of the above tracks?  Need to bring it down to 150 bpm

I don't think you can control the speed any more, that whole functionality
appears to have been removed 😞 It's not the same at all!

Music Fan

Oh My God! I love you!!!!!

(don't tell my boyfriend) haha 🙂


I just went to reccommend this feature to a friend who is running their first half marathon today, only to discover it’s no longer there. I am so gutted. I have found that feature to be the only thing that keeps me running (i’m pretty unfit!) and i used to love discovering new music whilst out on a run. Music seriously keeps me going when i want to give up and to have a stream of songs at the exact tempo that i’m running to was amazing. So disappointed you’ve removed this. I don’t understand why this needs to be taken away when clearly so many of your users are a big fan of it. 

Spotify Staff here again. 

I can assure you that the teams at Spotify have been actively reading your comments and feedback in this thread.  They will also continue to read your comments and watch the vote counts in this Idea thread: “Please Bring Back Running”

We would like to collect all your feedback in one place, which is why we’re closing this thread and encouraging you to all share your sentiments in that  Idea post.
 Be sure to add your vote there as well if you support the idea. 

As we mentioned, you can still workout with Spotify as your Running companion. You can find Running playlists in the Workout section of Browse.

You can also connect your Spotify running music with an exercise app. Check out our support articles on Nike+ Run Club and Runkeeper for more information.


If you’re interested to learn more about how the app evolves, check out our article about testing and why features change.

Thank you for your feedback.