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I created a new thread since there is no official Release Notes post yet.


I just really don't understand Spotify.  I have been a paying customer since the very first day it was offered in the U.S.  This latest update adds a list of tour stops to the artist info...but we still don't have landscape mode, like Android got a while back.


This is actually a slap in the face to me, I'd rather it just be "bug fixes" rather than knowing that developers are working hard to BRING TOUR STOP INFO to the artist page...instead of working on things many people would use.  In all honesty, this update has probably made me switch to Google Music All Access and I'll use one of the many Google Music apps (the official app is to be released sometime soon).  Not because Google Music is better...but because I refuse to give my money to Spotify any longer with these ludicrous additions to the app, while completely ignoring the other far more important issues.

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I can't see any difference tbh. I still can't share with SMS/email/to other Spotify Users and I still can't find my friends. Other than that, the app does everything I need it too. Can you confirm these faults are being worked on?

I don't think landscape is being worked on. According to another post ( ), it's just an "idea". Android users requested it and received it. iPhone users have requested it and are being completely ignored. Two reasons I will switch to another music service...landscape mode being pushed to the side to make time for adding tour stops to the artist page...and no metadata being sent to car stereos when streaming via Bluetooth. Otherwise, Spotify is a great service. Just doesn't seem like these issues will ever be corrected. I just have to jump ship for those options.

They said that now I can search playlist in my Spotify app and a few versions ago, they said I can see my play queue from the app too.. Guess that did not happen to me..

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@jeremy no, I can't find these options either.

Sorry for the slight delay folks, but the official Release Notes thread is now up over here.


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