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1.0 update uses cell data instead of playing offline playlists

1.0 update uses cell data instead of playing offline playlists

So I notice that when using the app in offline mode it seems much better. I believe that when playing back tracks from your offline playlist and when you are on cell data the app is retrieving tracks and artwork from the cloud as opposed to using the files downloaded to your phone.


So the gaps in between songs now or the lags are the app trying to retrieve artwork.


Even still I found a few other issues today even in offline mode.

One was when I took a call, after the call was finished the app did not resume playing, also trying to start back up it was kind of stuck.

Second the app stopped playing in between songs after about 40 minutes or so.


We need to petition to bring the old version back.


The only real benefit to pay the 9.95 plan is to be able to offline tracks to your phone or ipad and if that doesn't really work, then they should put the old version back up.


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Hi Steven! Great suggestions. You might want to place this under the "Spotify Ideas" category as it will help you to get a response from the decision makers.



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This isn't an idea it's BUGS.

Your software testers did not test this release thouroughly.prodtest.png

Your software engineering team did a horrible job on this release, sorry to put it bluntly.


Your new release should function exactly like the previous version, but maybe with some additional features.


I have been paying happily for over a year now until this release. Now I am investigating alternative options.

Have you tested this by monitoring data usage to see if it is pulling data?

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I just found under the cellular data there is an option to turn it off for individual app. I did not know that feature existed in the settings.

My meter shows that spotify has used 255 MB of cell data which is odd because I never use spotify on my phone unless I am on wifi to download songs in. But I started playing tracks in online mode that are in offlne playlist and sure enough the data ticked up to 256 mb of cellular data after just a minute of use.


I set spotify to offline mode and it does not seem to using cellular data.


So I think everyone in my position should probably turn off the cell data for spotify in the IOS settings.


But even still when I am in my car and have the phone plugged into the car by lightnight/usb cable it is VERY laggy even in offline mode.

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